There are several way to make a donation.


1) Global Giving, a major charity portal. Click here to donate through Global Giving.

2) You can mail a check made out to "Organic Perspectives" to

Organic Perspectives

P.O Box 16



However, this is not preferred because there are significant bank processing fees.


3) You can wire money to the Organic Perspectives bank. Note that a fee, usually about $50.00, will be deducted from the amount sent by your bank. Another fee, probably about $30.00, will be deducted by the receiving bank. Therefore, small donations are not worthwhile using this type of electronic bank transfer, and can actually result in a negative deposit. However, if you wish to make a large donation this way, here is the bank routing information: 

Pay: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited

Swift Code: SBICUGKX

Pay through:   USD Account Number 04096521

Deutsche Bank Trust Company - Americas, New York
Swift Code: BKTRUS33 (Deutsche Bank)
Routing Number: ABA: 021001033

Beneficiary Bank Address/City:     Stanbic Bank Uganda, Kamuli Branch.

Beneficiary Account Number:        0140532692401

Beneficiary Name:                         Organic Perspectives


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