There are several way to make a donation.


1) Click here to donate through Global Giving, a major charity portal.


2) Click here to contribute through WePay, another major charity portal.

3) You can mail a check made out to "Organic Perspectives" to

Organic Perspectives

P.O Box 16




4) You can wire money to the Organic Perspectives bank. Note that a fee, usually about $50.00, will be deducted from the amount sent by your bank. Another fee, probably about $30.00, will be deducted by the receiving bank. Therefore, small donations are not worthwhile using this type of electronic bank transfer, and can actually result in a negative deposit. However, if you wish to make a large donation this way, here is the bank routing information: 

Pay: Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited

Swift Code: SBICUGKX

Pay through:   USD Account Number 04096521

Deutsche Bank Trust Company - Americas, New York
Swift Code: BKTRUS33 (Deutsche Bank)
Routing Number: ABA: 021001033

Beneficiary Bank Address/City:     Stanbic Bank Uganda, Kamuli Branch.

Beneficiary Account Number:        0140532692401

Beneficiary Name:                         Organic Perspectives


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