For the period 2011 onward, Organic Perspectives is radically embracing an approach of social forestry as we believe this would give local people a sense of ownership and an increased role in the management of their community forests. It is our new methodology that is hoped to keep our new project “1 – 2 Million Trees a Year in Uganda’s Countryside” within its goal with relative ease, literally.


Since 2008, Organic Perspectives has implemented a Community Agroforestry Project that has provided about 100,000 free saplings of fast-growing leguminous trees to local farmers in Buwanume Parish, Kamuli—in our partnership with ‘Trees for the Future’ ( and the ‘New Forests Project’ ( The trees help to restore degraded croplands through nitrogen-fixation.


Most of our tree species are palatable, nitrogen-rich animal fodder—e.g. Calliandra, Leucaena, Gliricidia and Sesbania. As most smallholder farmers are confined in small, fragmented pieces of land, the trees help them to adopt better livestock management systems, e.g. zero grazing. Many farmers have told us of an increase in milk production and fertility rate when their livestock is fed on these fodder trees.


Here are a few photos of local people receiving seedlings from our Community Tree Nursery in Namalemba (2009).


Household Biogas & Improved Woodstoves.

This was the last component to make up what is now a “three-pronged project approach”. It is aimed at initiating a paradigm of reduced deforestation and fuel-switch, besides an array of innovations—from the creation of employed for youths working as masons; improvement of health for women and children through reduced indoor pollution and promotion of sanitation through better waste management.


Our team is working (since 2010) as ‘Promoters’ for the Uganda Domestic Biogas Program’ in Kamuli and Buyende districts. We have installed over 60 fixed dome household biogas digesters, many of them now fully functional—and we continue to sign up a number of new households. In partnership with UpEnergy and Impact Carbon, we also started the distribution of fuel-efficient woodstoves in Kamuli and Buyende in early 2012. We are currently working with the G330 Woodstove by Envirofit and the Jiko Poa by The Paradigm Project.

A biogas plant under construction in Bulindi
Zone – Nabwigulu Sub County (2011).

One of our biogas Masons installing a biogas

digester in Kigingi, Nkondo – Buyende (2011)

A mason finalizing a digester in
Balawoli (Kamuli) – 2011

Organic gardening.

At the cusp of our agroforestry and biogas work, innovations from the two components merge (at no cost) into sustainable organic farming systems—utilizing the fast-growing nitrogen-fixing trees as green manure and the nutrient-rich digester residual bio-slurry as natural fertilizers. We also aim to integrate activities on composting, organic pest control, forest gardens and the whole concept of permaculture.


To promote environmental awareness and also raise funds to future tree plantings, we are running eco tours to wild areas of Uganda. See our site


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